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Aqualogy Knowledge promotes the development of businesses, professionals and stakeholders in the water and environment sector through two key concepts: INNOVATION and KNOWLEDGE.

Our services have the common denominators of excellence and adaptability to our customers’ needs and are structured into three lines of activity:

  • R&D&I: promoting innovation and the application of the latest technology and trends in the sector.
  • Knowledge management and transfer: identifying, creating and transferring expert knowledge in the form of new products, services and solutions.
  • Empowerment, training and educational services: through the School of Water, developing current and future professionals in the water sector and raising school children’s and the general public’s awareness of efficient water use.

Aqualogy Knowledge in figures:

  • 182 R&D&I projects a year with 225 professionals and €15.1 million in investment
  • Over 230,000 hours of training
  • Over 500 graduates from master’s and postgraduate degree programmes
  • Over 3,000 graduates from specialised technical training programmes
  • Over 150 technical specialisation programmes
  • Knowledge management system with 8 domains and 1,688 associates

Knowledge acquisition and dissemination

Aqualogy Knowledge, through the School of Water, promotes the training and development of current and future professionals in the water and environment sector, offering specialist, state-of-the-art programmes in conjunction with prestigious universities and academic and professional institutions.

View School of Water

The Water School also covers everything from raising awareness among school children and the general public of efficient water use, to the training of professionals and managers in the sector. Its offer is structured into master’s and postgraduate degrees, vocational training, in-service training and educational and dissemination programmes.

Knowledge management and transfer

We are experts in the identification, packaging and transfer of the knowledge available in organisations and outside them.

The services we offer are:

  • Consultancy in knowledge management and transfer, centred on the creation of expert networks, information systems and collaborative environments. 
  • Active listening, ‘Aquasfera’, which monitors the network and facilitates decision making.
  • Consultancy for the assessment and improvement of complete water cycle services.


Aqualogy’s business model is based on innovation, which feeds its portfolio of solutions, to continue offering differential value and continuous improvement.

At Aqualogy, ideas, technology and sustainable innovation are the basis for creating new products, services or technologies that are accepted by the market. This need is strengthened by the commitment to offer the best service to the public and the best possible quality in its environmentally friendly activities.

Innovation and sustainability run in parallel to achieve the same objective: facing the future with a spirit of enterprise, all balanced with creativity and the capacity of application to create added value in the markets.

Aqualogy’s main innovation objectives are:

  • Creating specialised knowledge to be transformed into technologies of high added value.
  • Feeding the company’s portfolio with differentiating products and services and assisting in opening up new markets.
  • Promoting knowledge transfer, technology development and new business models.
  • Promoting technology and knowledge exchange among the company’s experts and external actors in synergic networks.
  • Encouraging open innovation and strategic alliances.
  • Attracting and retaining talent.
  • Showing social responsibility.