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Energy efficiency comprises a set of actions to optimise the ratio of energy used to end products or services obtained.

Aqualogy defines energy efficiency as a set of actions ranging from initial diagnosis to ongoing monitoring of the activity, including implementation of corrective actions, alternative energies and operational improvements, among other actions in the field.

The Energy Department, set up in 2009 to handle energy issues in Aqualogy projects, encompasses technical and economic assessment through various services conceived to bring together all related products in order to obtain significant cost savings, among other benefits.

Aqualogy offers a wide range of energy products, solutions and technologies to meet customers’ current and future needs in a large global market. We have a wide variety of customers, from both the private and public sectors, who do business in all parts of the world.

As experts in integrated solutions, we are involved in all the key points of the energy sector, from purchasing and producing renewable energy to executing new projects or conducting energy efficiency studies for existing ones.


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Dirección de Energía / Energy Department Contact

Our energy products and solutions are divided into four large groups:

  • Efficiency: This encompasses technical and economic advice for various services (audits, carbon footprint calculation, ISO-50001 certification), in order to provide significant cost savings, among other advantages. Each action or set of actions benefits customers directly in terms of lower costs, environmental image and corporate responsibility.
  • Purchasing: This service is applicable to any area where energy is involved, right across the economic activity. It cuts costs for customers by lowering the end price for energy, permitting savings in company energy management resources, while also providing a reliable, continuous flow of information on electricity consumption.
  • Projects: Applying our experience from a variety of fields, we have the capacity to undertake energy efficiency improvement projects in different sectors, including initial studies, project drafts, paperwork and final execution of the works, either as a whole or separately.
  • Renewables: We are highly experienced in developing renewable energy facilities for self-consumption, sale to the network or isolated points. We undertake customised projects and cover all energy needs for both large companies and private users. All this is combined with consumption management and production control.


The Energy Department has installed the proprietary AFP System® at the Can Sans DWTP (Sant Celoni). This is a filtering system consisting of two open gravity-based filters at a constant level, with backwash cleaning by water and air with a lower underdrain.


Aqualogy’s experience and technical skills in this field are backed up by over 500 domestic and international audits (France, United Kingdom and Brazil), which have provided energy savings of over 37 GWh, worth more than €6 million in operating costs. These savings represent a 15,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent reduction in greenhouse gases.


The energy optimisation project for the Murcia distribution network is an example of technological innovation. The goal was energy recovery from 100% of the city’s drinking water supply through the implementation of available technologies customised to the specifics of each site. The project combined conventional turbines with pumps functioning as turbines, among other technologies.