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Nowadays, it is increasingly necessary—and even vital—to be able to use our mobile phone at any time during the day. We nervously keep an eye on our battery bar, dreading that fateful moment when our phone will run out of juice and we will lose our link with the rest of the world. Running out of battery power is more common that one would think, but it is a problem that now has a solution, thanks to the new Aqualogy renewable energy-powered mobile device charging station.

The renewable mobile device charging station, marketed as the Smart City Charging Station, provides a focus point for increasing citizen awareness about the need for efficient use of resources. The renewable mobile device charging station is a compact solution specially designed for outdoor installation, providing a battery charging and Internet connection point. The system includes mobile device charging terminals and free Wi-Fi connection using renewable energy sources.

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The charging station is divided into three distinct parts. The first is the trunk or core with the Wi-Fi connection and three holders for charging mobile devices, with three universal connectors per holder (smartphones, tablets, etc.); one of these holders is adapted for people with reduced mobility. The second is a top piece that is fully adaptable to the prospective charging station operator's corporate image, including photos and images, corporate signs or logos, thus enabling almost total customization of the charging station. Finally, as an optional feature, a 12" tablet screen can be included to facilitate user interaction, playing any multimedia content or specific application, and even allows web access.

This first charging station model achieves energy self-sufficiency using Aqualogy’s APT Systems® pico-turbine, which generates a 100% clean, renewable electricity supply for the charging station from the water passing through the urban mains network.

Applying the same renewable energy philosophy, Aqualogy is developing models using photovoltaics and wind power.


Smart City Charging Station (Murcia)

Nobody in the centre of Murcia needs to fear running out of battery power for their mobile device, thanks to the new renewable energy-powered charging station installed by Aqualogy in Plaza Cetina. This charging station will also provide a Wi-Fi connection and contribute to generating environmental awareness and sustainable development through the use of renewable energy